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At RMK co curriculur activities play a very important role as we believe that learning is not just about teaching, books and lessons but much more than that. At RMK the emphasis is more on the overall development of the child, as we understand that schooling is the time in the life of every child, which influences their future. To do this, creation of world – class infrastructure facilities and a favorable atmosphere is to learn not just academics but lessons of life, character, ethics and values. We impart all these qualities in the children so that they emerge as responsible individuals.

House & Clubs

With the paradigm-shift in the concept of education that has acquired varied dimensions in the 21st century and to expose students to the wholesome experience of learning, literary, subject and cultural clubs have been made integral features of RMKSSS education plan. The club provides students a pedestal to voice their thoughts, overcome stage phobia and express their views freely. Special emphasis is laid on harnessing their productive energy, triggering their imagination, fostering their originality & creativity and develop their skills. The clubs operate to help students identify their preferences besides facilitating academic learning. Such exposures lead to broadened horizons, sharpened mental faculties and tremendous confidence. The clubs have student office bearers and the teacher coordinators who facilitate the functioning of the club. The following Clubs are functioning in RMKSSS

  • Book Club
  • Eco Club
  • Science Club
  • Math Club
  • Literary Club
  • Drama Club
  • Music and Dance Club
  • Art & Craft Club


music At RMK School, we train the students in Western and Indian classical music. Every student is encouraged to learn and master at least one musical instrument and participate in the events conducted at the school campus.


In the eyes of society’s greatest thinkers, art is considered the mirror and measure of civilization. And truly, when we think of the range of human creativity expressed through different art forms like dance, literature, music, theatre etc. you cannot but see how essential art is for healthy development of every individual. Indeed, without art, life would be mechanical.

Arts & Crafts

To bring out the creative potential of the students, the school teaches. arts01arts02arts03

  • Clay modeling
  • Pottery
  • Handy crafts
  • Drawing
  • Painting etc.,

Dance & Drama

danceTheatre workshops are conducted to enhance the performing and communication skills of every child. The open Air Amphitheatre helps them demonstrate these skills effectively. This also imbibes a sense of art and culture in the children. Professional dance teachers also conduct workshops and classes for the children to learn and appreciate Indian and western dance forms.


To bring about a consciousness of the self and surroundings, to improve concentration and to relax the mind, the school provides the benefit of Yoga and Meditation. It is made compulsory and as a part of daily routine of the students. yoga

Hobby Centre

Hobbies are windows to detect one’s personality. At RMK School, we have introduced a system which helps us in identifying the student’s innate talents which lie hidden without the proper exposure. Hobby hours are filled with various activities such as Dance, Music, Sports, Yoga, Art etc. The students are allowed to follow their field of interest after identifying their aptitude towards the field and through the guidance of the coaches.

Scouts & Guides

scouts The National scouts aims at development of the overall personality of students and inculcate in them qualities of courage, leadership, discipline and selfless service through its value oriented training. It also provides a suitable environment to motivate the students to take up career in defense services. For funding assistance go to payday loans online requirements