Admission Enquiry Open for 2021-22

Chairman’s Message


Dear Parent,

Thank you for your trust and faith in the RMK Group. By trusting your child’s education with us, you join several hundred satisfied parents whose children pursue their education in the Group’s different institutions that have carved a niche for themselves in this part of India. RMK’s pride and testimony are its students who have graduated from its schools and colleges and have established themselves as successful professionals in their chosen path. You have therefore taken a remarkable decision that is all set to lead your child on a path to a great learning experience.

RMK School is yet another milestone in the RMK Group’s endeavour to deliver the highest standards in education in the country. Following the CBSE stream, RMK School will be a complete school. By complete, we mean that the school has all the best in its class features and facilities – reminiscent of every RMK group institution making it a distinct school among the CBSE institutions in this region.

Through RMK School we have set out to create a holistic learning environment and therefore attract diverse, talented and creative students from across the country to engage in an experiential-based learning stream that will prepare them to assume leadership positions in their future while also embarking on an exciting journey of schooling. We will compete for the best and brightest students as they will work with knowledgeable and influential faculty who will inspire, educate, train and mentor these future leaders of our nation.

We will be known nationwide for the intellectual potential of our students as well as the excellence of our faculty – propelling us to national prominence and will work towards being  positioned as a top CBSE school in this part of India.

We endeavour to accomplish all of these things, but we cannot do so without your trust and confidence in us. We are ready to listen to your suggestions and counsel to improve on what we offer. Please go through this detailed brochure that will provide you a clear view of all what is in store for a student at RMK School. We assure you that in our new found journey in RMK School (CBSE), we will continue educating generations of leaders equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

I welcome you and your child to the RMK School (CBSE).
Warm regards.
Founder – Chairman.