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The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. It follows the CCE scheme as prescribed by CBSE.

The CCE or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme refers to a school-based evaluation of students that covers all the aspects of a student’s development. Continuous means regular assessments, frequency of unit testing, analysis of learning gaps, applying corrective measures, retesting and giving feedback to teachers and students for their self-evaluation, etc. Comprehensive on the other hand attempts to cover both the scholastic and the co-scholastic aspects of a student’s growth and development – with both these aspects of the  evaluation process being assessed through Formative and Summative Assessments.

Primary Level (Classes I – V)
We follow a personalized approach for each student preparing every child to cope with the demands of a changing world. The motto is to ensure the growth of learners all through these years, guiding them to acquire mastery in learning. An exclusive and well designed curriculum framed for the School helps to maintain high academic standards to face the outside world through confident and innovative thinking processes.

The Learning Areas will Include:
1. English
2. Indian languages/ Hindi/ Mother Tongue/ Local language
3. Mathematics
4. Science
5. Environmental Education/ Social Science
6. Information and Communication Technology
7. Visual Arts
8. Performing Arts
9. Physical and Health Education

Middle and Secondary School Level (VI to X)
The Middle and High School comprises grades VI to X and is a preparatory stage for the CBSE secondary level learning. Learning from this level onwards is not only interdisciplinary
in its approach but also focuses on exploration and journal based learning.

Importance is stressed on independent learning and developing these skills in the learner, apart from emphasis on project based learning.

Scheme of Studies
• Language II (Tamil)
• English
• Language III (Upto VIII Hindi)
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social Science
• Work Education
• Art Education
• Physical and Health Education
• Co-Curricular Activities
• Life Skills
• Values Education

Senior Secondary Level (XI & XII)
Students in the Senior Secondary Level are encouraged to make the most of their individual strengths and abilities. Students are presented with an environment where they are able to achieve their highest potential in academic, sporting and artistic endeavors. Within this supportive, structured environment we aim to produce independent learners who are well prepared to cope with future challenges and the world beyond school.

Scheme of Studies
Science Group
• English (Core), Maths, Physics, Chemistry,   Biology / Computer Science
Commerce Group
• English (Core), Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics,   Maths / Computer Science

Languages Offered:

II Language: Tamil

III Language: Hindi